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This is the main page for the wiki team. The Arch Women wiki exists to be a reference and guide for volunteers and be the primary source of information about the project. No one works on Arch Women full time. The goal for the wiki is to document everything in a way that brings one up to speed with little effort.

Useful pages:


To join just add your name to the list of members below.

Here are ways to contact the team: IRC, mailing list

Team Members

  • meskarune
  • fsckd

How To Help

There are lots of things one can do to help, big and small. If you see a typographical, spelling, or grammatical mistake, you can fix it yourself or point it out. If the wording in a page isn't clear or understandable, let us know.

If you have time on your hands, go through the stub pages and expand them. Or help complete unfinished sections. Also see the to-do list for the wiki.


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