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Conventions for Wiki Structure and Content

Guide for editing pages on the Arch Women wiki.

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Wiki Structure

This is a list with descriptions of the namespaces and some important pages in this wiki.

  • wiki
    • :start
      todo list, links to subpages
    • :conventions
      this page!
    • :team
      wiki team
    • :dokuwiki, :syntax, :welcome
      read-only pages tracked by upstream's git
  • aw-tech
    server administration
  • aw-org
    AW organization
  • meetings
  • projects
  • todo
  • user
  • tag


Pages and Sections

The first headline is the page title. It should be level 1 (six '=' characters). All other headlines in the page are of higher levels and designate the sections of the page.

capitalization of page and section titles

first paragraph followed by a list of useful links and pages

Unfinished pages and sections

stub tag for pages

some inline thing for sections

Including Other Pages

Use the include plugin. Examples can be found in meeting agendas.

Notes and Warnings


Tags are listed at the bottom of a page.

Conventions of Specific Namespaces



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