Activities are a simple and lightweight way to track plans, proposals, and things to complete. They are like miniature projects and differ from full projects in that they are more narrow in scope and have a defined end. In other words, an activity must eventually finish, either successfully or not.

An activity takes up only one page. They can be one of two possible states, open or closed (and not both). (Please do not reopen an activity unless it was incorrectly closed.) They optionally have coordinators who serve as the contact point for the activity. They are not kept in a central location and are under the namespace of the primary topic they are for. Tags are used to associated an activity with other topics.


You would open the activity under the namespace for the topic it is for. (Some topics may have a sub-namespace for activities.) If, say, the topic is Gitolite, then the place open the page may be :aw-tech:gitolite:act:my_new_activity_here. Or say it is for the Wiki, then maybe :wiki:act:my_wiki_project. Normal projects can have activities of their own (e.g. Mentorship).

An activity can be associated with more than one topic. See the information on tags below for how.

There are not many rules for the content of the page. Here there are.

At the top is a paragraph or more briefly describing what the activity is about.

Beneath that include this text which notes the page is an activity.

There should be a section listing the coordinators. These are the go to people for the activity. If there are no coordinators, this section should be omitted.

There may be a section describing goals. It should give an idea what to accomplish and how we can judge success or failure of this activity. If an activity is simple enough, it may not need this section.

The rest of the document is organized however one pleases. One can have to-do lists and use <del></del> to mark as completed.

At the bottom is the list of tags the page is made part of. The following table describes possible tags.

Tag Description
activity Identifies the page as an activity.
open An activity which is open. All new activities are given this tag.
closed An activity which is closed.
user_* One can attach their nick to an activity for easy tracking. Such as putting on one's user page a table of activities they are working on. An example of such a tag is user_meskarune.
* All other tags identify the topics the activity is associated with, including the one whose namespace the activity is in.


To close an activity replace the tag “open” with “closed”.

Make a section describing why the activity was closed. This is required if the activity was closed for being unsuccessful. It is optional if the activity was successful.

Please do not reopen an activity unless it was closed incorrectly. If one wants to do more similar tasks as a closed activity, create a new one with a similar title along with “Part Two” or whatever added to the title.

If an activity is a proposal to do something, it does not need to be closed once the proposal is accepted. The same activity page could be used to track the implementation of the proposal.


Activities are tracked using tags. You can easily create lists of activity pages using the tag plugin. Here are some examples.

Markup Descriptions
{{topic>user_meskarune +activity +open}} A list of pages marked open and tagged with user_meskarune.
{{topic>gitolite +activity +open&tags&table&header}} A table of open activities for gitolite. The table lists the tags each page is in.
{{topic>activity +open&tags&table&comments&header}} A table of all open activities.

All Open Activities

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Marked Both Open and Closed

It is an error for an activity to be tagged both open and closed. The following list should be empty.

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