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Pages which need work

Listed here are new pages to be made, pages which need serious rewriting, or any other kind of edits which need a lot of notes. This activity does not replace stubs or fixme markers.

If a namespace needs reworking, make an activity dedicated to that. This one is for individual pages.

This page is an open activity. If it interests you, please help us out. Thanks!


These people are the central contact point for those volunteering on this activity.

  • fsckd

How to help

How to help

Probably the most important page for Arch Women. It is to be the central hub for anyone wanting to help.

The page structure is done. Next need to fill in items. That will happen as activities come up.

Contribute page

There is overlap with the contribute page (linked to from the navigation bar at the top). It has been suggested that the How to help page be removed for redundancy. This may not be necessary as this page serves a purpose which the Contribute page can not.

The difference between the Contribute page and the How to help page could simply be that How to help lists things which have a defined end. After a certain point, we're no longer concerned with finished tasks. The Contribute page could list things we'll always need help with. We always need donations, we always need meetings chairs and help with posting logs and notes, we always need blog posts. This reflects the location of the two pages. The Contribute page is on the general website. It deals with more static concerns. The How to help page is on the wiki. It is ever changing dealing with ephemeral and one-shot concerns. For this reason, with this interpretation, things like periodic tasks and mentorship should go on the Contribute page and things like wiki editing should go on the How to help page.

The How to help page helps newcomers get into the various activities. It is not an exhaustive list of things we need done nor is it an exhaustive list of open activities. It puts focus on the specific tasks we need assistance with. It is like, these are things we really want done and could use some extra hands for.

Main wiki page

Main page

This page needs to be reworked or expanded for new comers to the wiki. It is the starting point for people who want to know what the wiki is about.

Direct people to the how to help page instead of the syntax page or to-do page. (The to-do page is deprecated in favor of activities.) That will be in the introduction.

Suggested sections: Meetings, Projects, Resources. Those three are the major ones we want outsiders to see.


A page listing all teams/coordinators (not for activities). Related proposal.

Location to be :teams or :aw-org:teams.

It has been decided to list only coordinators (people to contact) rather than all team members. The reasons are,

  • Privacy of team members. People may not want their nicks published everywhere. Also don't want to give trolls a list of nicks to harass.
  • Keeping track of active team members is too much work. Most volunteers are transient. And do people who make ad hoc contributions count as team members?

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