Document server setup and usage of applications. Create namespaces following wiki conventions. It should be easy for a newcomer to get up to speed how the system works.

This page is an open activity. If it interests you, please help us out. Thanks!


These people are the central contact point for those volunteering on this activity.

  • fsckd

Rename aw-tech: namespace

The namespace is being renamed from aw-tech: to tech: as the only technology covered on the wiki are for Arch Women. The aw- is therefore redundant.

New pages should be created in tech:. Old pages can redirect to there.


Wiki conventions

At the least a :start page and an activities sub-namespace. The important thing are not the pages but the sections and information. The :start page should cover usage and information needed for periodic maintenance. Other things, like directions for installing, can go on the :start page if there's enough space or into their own pages.

This list comes from the conventions page.

  • list of information, URLs, and filesystem paths
  • table of open activities
  • usage (guides, checklists, links, etc.)
  • upgrade
  • initial setup (and installation)
  • notes on how we installed it the first time
  • configuration
  • description of how it is configured (public info. only)
  • backup
  • procedures for backing up
  • testing (nspawn container, etc.)


Landing page


List all the pages. Have a separate list for documentation of things we no longer use. (Need to think of a tag for them.)

Tags are used to organize page listings into categories. Tag :start pages. Applications can be in more than one category.

Can list only pages with tags in a specific namespace. The examples from the tag plugin's page are:

  • {{topic>ns1?tag1 tag2}} – List all pages inside namespace ns1 tagged with either tag1 or tag2
  • {{topic>.?tag1 tag2}} – List all pages inside the current namespace tagged with either tag1 or tag2

Current categories are web server, web sites, git, and email. Future categories can be php, kernel/system, projects, blog, and so on. Whatever is necessary.

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