To-do pages have been replaced by Activities. See Migrate to Activities for status of migration, or if you want to help. Please do not make any new to-do pages. Thank you.

A to-do item is kept on its own page and consists of one or more tasks. All to-do items are considered suggestions until someone is assigned and work begins.

A to-do page consists of three parts: the preamble which lists metadata common to issue trackers, a description, and notes about the tasks. Pages are organized by tags. Projects correspond to at least one tag.

Preamble Items
Assignee(s) space separate list of users, tags has a corresponding list
Due due date - year month day
Related space separated list of links to related tasks
Prerequisites space separated list of links to tasks which need to be completed before this one
Status current status one of three: open (default), wontfix, and done
Progress if quantifiable, in percent

Tags are shared with the rest of the wiki and have pages under namespace tags:. There are a few tags specific to to-do items.

Special Tags
todo The tag which identifies to-do items. All todo pages must be tagged with this.
open For open items, whether they are being worked on or not. By default, all are tagged with this.
done When a to-do item is finished, it is tagged with this.
wontfix If a to-do item needs to be closed and cannot be finished, it is tagged with this.
migrated To-do items migrated to activities.
important If a task has higher importance than normal. Close these as soon as possible.
critical A task which must be completed immediately. If you tag something as critical, please let us know on IRC.
admin Tag with this if a to-do item requires admin access to work on. Many tasks require admin access for the final step but can be done without admin access. This is not for those tasks. Only if admin access is need from start to finish.
user_* When someone is assigned to a to-do item, tag the page with user_<nick>.

Create a new to-do page

A template gives a skeleton for the page. Just fill things out. Remember to give a detailed description and set the right tags.

Assign to a user

The user does not need a dokuwiki account. Add their nick (or whatever name they are known by) to the Assignee(s) list and tag the page with user_<nick>. For example if assigning to phrik,

Assignee(s): phrik


{{tag>todo open irc user_phrik}}

Close / Finish

To mark a to-do item as done, replace the open tag with done, change the status in the preamble, and don't edit that page ever again.

Some to-dos cannot be finished or won't be worked on, and cannot be marked done. Close by replacing open with the tag wontfix. Make a section on the page with the title Closed describing why it won't be worked on. Don't forget to change the status in the preamble.

If in the future someone decides to reopen a page, it can be done easily.

Listing to-do pages

To show a list or table of to-do pages in another wiki page, use the syntax {{topic>[list of tags] +todo &[flags]}}.

For example, to show a table of open tasks related to classroom which do not need administrative access, {{topic>classroom -admin +open +todo &tags&table&comments&header}}.

See plugin:tag#topic and plugin:pagelist#flags for details.

Lists of tags







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