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 +====== Split classroom-media ======
 +  * **Assignee(s)**: ​
 +  * **Due**: ​
 +  * **Related**:​ [[.:​pdf_files]]
 +  * **Prerequisites**:​ [[.:​classroom_license]]
 +  * **Status**: open
 +  * **Progress**:​ 0%
 +[[awgit>​classroom-media]] contains a jumble of logs, tutorials, and notes. This is difficult to navigate and makes "​deploying"​ unnecessarily complicated.
 +Split classroom-media into two repositories:​
 +  * classroom-logs - logs of classes and links to videos (should we ever do those); intended for students
 +  * classroom-teaching - materials and notes which can be used by teachers of future classes
 +(The names of these repositories is not finalized.)
 +Tutorials should go on the Arch Wiki where they can be maintained by the community.
 +The [[archwiki>​Classroom|page]] on the Arch Wiki is the main landing page for the Arch community. It has a table listing past classes and links to logs. I think it should also have links to materials.
 +Logs should be rendered into HTML with syntax coloring (of IRC). (This should get its own to-do page.)
 +If this proposal is adopted, classroom-media will be "​frozen"​. It will still be available as a public git repository (and maybe still available on /media/.) Files will be copied to the new repositories accordingly.
 +Places which link to classroom-media on GitHub or /media/: Arch Wiki classroom page, Arch BBS thread, #​archlinux-classroom,​ mailing list (cannot change) and pages in Arch Women wiki. Did I forget something?
 +{{tag>​todo open classroom}}

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