Split classroom-media

classroom-media contains a jumble of logs, tutorials, and notes. This is difficult to navigate and makes “deploying” unnecessarily complicated.

Split classroom-media into two repositories:

  • classroom-logs - logs of classes and links to videos (should we ever do those); intended for students
  • classroom-teaching - materials and notes which can be used by teachers of future classes

(The names of these repositories is not finalized.)

Tutorials should go on the Arch Wiki where they can be maintained by the community.

The page on the Arch Wiki is the main landing page for the Arch community. It has a table listing past classes and links to logs. I think it should also have links to materials.

Logs should be rendered into HTML with syntax coloring (of IRC). (This should get its own to-do page.)

If this proposal is adopted, classroom-media will be “frozen”. It will still be available as a public git repository (and maybe still available on /media/.) Files will be copied to the new repositories accordingly.

Places which link to classroom-media on GitHub or /media/: Arch Wiki classroom page, Arch BBS thread, #archlinux-classroom, mailing list (cannot change) and pages in Arch Women wiki. Did I forget something?

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