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This was a proposal by terra-and-luna made on Redmine. It ran like a discussion. The first comment below was the description.

comment by terra-and-luna (on Redmine):

Once the subject material is all written up, I can make it all pretty and portable, by providing markdown and LaTeX files of the material.


comment by tigrmesh (on Redmine):

Sounds wonderful.

comment by KaiSforza (on Redmine):

Just a note, I am going to do all of the documentation of the classrooms I am doing in ReST using `python-sphinx` documentation generator, which has an option for making nice, LaTeX pdf files. Attached is just an example.

Attachment: Sample PDF of `Introduction to PKGBUILDs` class.

Also, for those that submit their materials in a non-ReST or LaTeX format, I will do my best to convert them before the classes start.

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