Classroom License

The license chosen is CC BY-NC-SA and announced during the meeting on August 2016.

Materials and lesson plans kept in classroom-media need to be under an open license.


  • GNU FDL - the license used on the Arch Linux wiki
  • Any license - license will be explicitly stated for each document or directory

If materials are shared with the Arch Linux wiki the license should be the same as theirs.

tigrmesh asked kaictl, CalimeroTeknik, nisstyre, jy2wong, halosghost for their opinions. All, except nisstyre and jy2wong, are ok with CC BY-NC-SA or GFDL. nisstyre wants CC BY-SA. jy2wong wants CC BY.

Proposed Plan

These will apply to teaching materials, notes, and tutorials. What about logs?

Split Repository

  1. Select a license.
  2. Ask each teacher (gtmanfred & kaictl, CalimeroTeknik, nisstyre, jy2wong, and halosghost) if they agree to license their classroom stuff under that license.
  3. For each teacher who approves of the license, copy their files to the new repos.

Don't Split Repository

Probably go with any license choice.

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