IRC bots

Find or implement one or more IRC bots to assist Arch Women functioning. They don't need to be all in one bot.

This page is an open activity. If it interests you, please help us out. Thanks!


These people are the central contact point for those volunteering on this activity.

  • fsckd
  • meskarune

Logging bot

Log everything from Arch Women's channels. These logs will not be publicly posted. They are for use by operators.

There is more than one channel. It must be able to log them all and save the logs separately.

Have the option to split logs by month or day.

Logs should be saved in plain text, to be stored in a git repository. It is not necessary for the bot to commit additions. A cron job or systemd timer can commit and push the logs periodically. (They need to be pushed to gitolite so that they are available to the ops.)

Log these IRC messages: PRIVMSG, NOTICE, JOIN, PART, QUIT, TOPIC, MODE, NICK, KICK. CTCP messages are sent through PRIVMSG. Those should also be logged.

FIXME What should the log format be?

Announcement bot

Announce server events to only one channel. These can be any event on the server, git pushes, ssh logins, systemd service failures, software updates, etc. The bot should stay connected to the channel.

Meeting bot

We need a bot to automate meeting tasks.


  • generates logs
    • save in text file to be added to git repo
  • generates notes
    • save notes in text file to be added to git repo
    • may have special commands to add items to notes
      • do not conflict with existing bots
    • optionally specify who is assigned what
  • start and stops meeting for us
    • changes topic at the start of the meeting and changes back at the end


Information we need about each candidate:

  • How to install and configure.
  • List of dependencies/requirements.
  • How to upgrade.
  • Resource use (RAM in particular).
  • List of files, such as configuration files, and data which would need to be backed up (preferably using git).
  • How logs and notes/minutes are saved and their format. Can it add them to a git repository and push said repository automatically?

Alert bot

A bot to alert ops of an issue (a command anyone can use to sound the alarm).

  • Do not list operators in the channel.
  • Sends a message to a private channel.
  • Allow for an optional message, like !op spammer.
  • Allow for alerts to be made by PMing the bot. Would require an argument naming the channel.

Replacing phrik

To replace phrik, will need the following features,

  • factoids
  • quotegrabs
  • link title retrieval (when someone posts a link in the channel)
  • search engines for things like DDG, Wikipedia, ArchWiki, AUR, Arch Linux packages, Arch Women Wiki, etc.

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