Arch Linux

Getting Involved with Arch Linux - A great wiki guide on contributing to Arch Linux

Aurphan - Find orphaned packages in the Arch User Repository


Debian Women

Ubuntu Women - Community in the support of women Ubuntu users and FOSS

Linux Chix - community in support of female Linux users

Fedora Women - connect and assist women who are interested in using and contributing to Fedora.

Outreachy helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved.

Software Developement

Pyladies - python programing group for women

Dev Chix - program development community

Women's Coding Collective - women's only collaborate learning community for web development

Rails Girls - Community for women to learn Ruby on Rails

PHP Women - Community for women PHP developers, they offer classes and financial help for conferences

New Coder - Tutorials for new python programmers to learn python programming, created by SF Pyladies founder Lynn Root

Career and Education

Women in Technology - Women in Technology (WIT) is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of advancing women in technology - from the classroom to the boardroom - by providing advocacy, leadership development, networking, mentoring and technology education.

Lady Geek - bridging the gulf between the people who make and market technology products and the women who buy them.

Gnome Outreach Program for Women - Internships available for women in Open Source Software

Linux for Ladies by Rackspace - Scholarhips for Open Cloud Academy, a Linux SysAdim and Network Admin class.

Code Camp by Square - Four-day immersion program for women Comp-Sci majors.

Kapor Center Impact Fellowship - a 10-week program where traditionally underrepresented students from US-based undergraduate and graduate programs get placed in a Silicon Valley company with a paid internship.

Introduction to Linux by the Linux Foundation - Develop a good working knowledge of Linux using both the graphical interface and command line, covering the major Linux distribution families.

Women Tech Makers by Google - provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

Computer Mentors - provide mentoring in computers to HS students. - Global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects - GitHub offers many tools for developers, that you would normally would have to pay for, for free for a specified amount of time.

Raytheon Women's Cyber security scholarship - Scholarship for women pursuing an information security degree.

Czechitas - Program in the Czech Republic to teach girls how to code.

Elpha - Women in tech career network. You can get job leads and advice from other women.

Open Source Software

Open Hatch - OpenHatch is a non-profit organization with the goals of lowering the barriers to entry into the open source community and increasing diversity. They provide skill training, project listing, and event information.

Ada Initiative - The Ada Initiative supports women in open technology and culture through activities like producing codes of conduct and anti-harassment policies, advocating for gender diversity, teaching allies, and hosting conferences for women in open tech/culture.

Node School - open source software workshops that teach web software skills.

Free Code Camp - learn to code by building open source software for non-profits.

Free Open Source Software Federation for Africa - The Vision of FOSSFA is to promote the use of FOSS and the FOSS model in African development, and the organization supports the integration of FOSS in national policies.


Geek Feminism Wiki - A great educational resource on feminist issues in the geek community.

Everyday Sexism - Sexism isn't dead and this project has average women share their experiances.


Empowermentors - skillshare, activism, and discussion network for intersectionally marginalized people of color with a critical interest in technology and media hacking.

Gay Geeks

Latinas in Computing - This group has Grace Hopper meetups, mentorship and scholarship resources.

Trans * H4CK - developing new and useful FOSS products that benefit the trans and gender non conforming communities.

Lesbian's who tech - community for queer women in technology. - Tech camps for LGBTQ community. - Hack the Hood is an award-winning non-profit that introduces low-income youth of color to careers in tech by hiring and training them to build websites for real small businesses in their own communities.

Linux and Accessibility

Web Anywhere - An online screen reader to make the web more accessible to blind users. - A flexible open source screen reader application for the gnome desktop. - Guide to accessible web design - Open Source font to make reading easier for those with dyslexia. - Speakup screen reader package allows blind users to use linux. Site also has a community of blind linux users.

Harassment and Abuse - Assistance with online abuse and doxing in the form of confidential and free of charge crisis helpline, resource center, and advocacy. - Real time support for people being harassed online - A global, collaborative campaign project dedicated to helping journalists, bloggers and publishers that are under attack - How to secure your online identity.

Privacy - Learn how to secure your browser - Security and Privacy How-Tos

Miscellaneous - Amazon offers AWS for free for 12 months (requires sign-up and you may have to pay something if you exceed the monthly limits)

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