Improvements to the Archlinux Women Wiki

The ArchWomen Wiki has a lot of interesting information on it. With the current structure, most of it is either hidden or hard to reach. We want to make sure the information that has been gathered here can be put to good use. Below, a number of steps is outlined that ultimately should achieve that goal.

First Steps

(October 11, 2015) Ok. So let's start with a list of 3 things we'd like to do.
This does not have to be perfect. It's a start.

  1. Go through the wiki
    Yes, this counts as a separate item.
  2. Find and write down super interesting pages
    List them here:
  3. Find and write down obsolete pages
    List them here:

Special bonus items:

  • Once we have the list of super interesting pages, we need to find out how cumbersome it is to get there.
  • Decide which pages we'd like to link to from the front page of the wiki
  • Make the search field more visible

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