Arch Classroom is a project for people to teach classes to share skills and knowledge in various technical topics. Arch Women provides a venue and resources for teachers (media hosting, IRC channel, advertising, guidance, and other forms of support).

Upcoming Classes

This table lists classes being prepared. It is to give the curious an idea of the state of future classes. Tentative dates are not guaranteed because it is really hard to predict when a class will be ready.

The stages are drafting (class is still being developed), info (lesson plan drafted, awaiting information), announcing (announcements are being drafted), scheduled (class is announced and ready), and canceled (class won't be held). Note to coordinators, if a class is “scheduled”, the “Tentative date(s)” column should be see Arch Linux wiki. Canceled classes should be crossed out.

Stage Title Teacher(s)/instructor(s) Tentative date(s) URL (to working git repo. or wherever)
drafting C Programming halosghost
canceled Basics of Bash Scripting and Coreutils escondida
drafting Debugging
· 2016/12/13 18:34

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