Classroom Admin

This is the administrative page for Arch Classroom.


Project Team


Coordinators work with the teachers to develop classes. Contact them if you are interested in teaching a class.

  • fsckd (git repo, chanop)
  • tigrmesh (git repo, chanop)

Other Staff

They help in various ways.

  • meskarune (project lead, git repo, chanop)
  • yar (git repo, chanop)
  • kaictl (chanop)
  • escondida (chanop)
  • demize (chanop)


Former staff, now retired from the project.

  • gtmanfred
  • carharttjimmy

Handling Class Proposals

When a person expresses interest in teaching a class, contact them and start guiding them through the process of preparing a class.

Stage 1: Draft Lesson Plan and Collect Info.

They need to provide,

  • The topic the class is about. Include a small description of the class, a few lines, may be a paragraph or two, for the announcements.
  • A lesson plan for the class. This will later be published on the site for future instructors.
  • Optional class materials. These can include diagrams, code listings, essays, and anything else which may be of use for students. They would be hosted for use by students during the class or after by students who missed the class.
  • A list of prerequisites for the class. (What someone needs to know before taking the class.)
  • Bio about themselves. Who are they? What have they done in the Arch and/or FOSS community?
  • Name for the class!

The format of the lesson plan and class materials should be an open format. It should be something which can be read as text and be converted to other formats like html and PDF. We suggest reST or pandoc markdown.

The teacher's submissions must all be in an open license. The license has yet to be determined. Likely CC BY-NC-SA. Please see the todo item.

The class should be made to run within 1-1.5 hours and not exceeding 2 hours. This is not a hard limit but for everyone's sanity, try to keep the length reasonable. :-)

If the class is getting long, it can be divided into parts run on different days.

It is perfectly fine for multiple people to teach the same class together.

Stage 2: Schedule Class

They need to give the date and time (in UTC) they want to offer the class. Don't forget New Zealand and the west coast of North America. The class can be offered more than once, in the same day even.

The lesson plan and class materials may be published once the class is scheduled. Alternatively they may be published at a later date if the teacher wishes to further work on them.

Add class to Upcoming Classes table.

Stage 3: Announce Class

Announce in four venues, arch-general mailing list, Arch Linux forum, Arch Women mailing list, and Arch Women twitter.

Announcements should include the following at least: title and topic of class, prerequisites (if any), links to materials (syllabus, outline, essays, etc.) or pre-class surveys, date and time, location the class will be held at (IRC channel and network), blurb about the instructor(s).

Stage 4: Day of Class

On the day of the class, change topic in #archlinux-classroom to indicate the class and that the channel will be logged.

Announce in #archlinux, #archlinux-offtopic, and #archlinux-newbie. Ask an op to add it to the channel topics.

Stage 5: After Class

Post-class checklist,

  • Change topic in #archlinux-classroom.
  • Publish logs, lesson plan, and any class materials not yet published.
  • Move class from Upcoming Classes to Previous Classes table.
  • Post links to logs to the various announcement venues (mailing list, forums, etc.).

Git Repository

Lesson plans, class materials and logs are published in the git repository classroom-media.

The directory structure is,

  • lessons - The lesson plans and class materials. Each class has a directory. The name of which follows the template yyyy-mm-dd-class_name.
  • classlogs - These are logs for classes. The files names follow the template yyyy-mm-dd-class_name.txt. If there was more than one session for a class, logs for each session has their own file. For them the template is yyyy-mm-dd-class_name_hh:mm-UTC.txt. Here hh:mm is the time the class was scheduled to start.
  • meetings - Where logs for meetings are kept.

The timestamps in all logs are in UTC.

Once a class is over, please do not edit the contents of its stuff. kthxbai.

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