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 ====== IRC meetings ====== ====== IRC meetings ======
-The next meeting is on **December 9th**. Please see the [[meetings>agenda.md|agenda]].\\+The next meeting is on **October 10th**. Please see the [[meetings>agenda.md|agenda]].\\
 Held every second Saturday of the month at 16:00 UTC. Held every second Saturday of the month at 16:00 UTC.
-[[How meetings are run]]\\+[[archive:meetings:how_meetings_are_run]]\\
 [[After meeting checklist]] [[After meeting checklist]]
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   * [[channel_rules_2013_June|Second channel rules meeting]]   * [[channel_rules_2013_June|Second channel rules meeting]]
   * [[intern_workgroup_2014_August|Intern workgroup meeting]]   * [[intern_workgroup_2014_August|Intern workgroup meeting]]
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