How meetings are run

IRC meetings are held in the channel on the second Saturday of every month at 16:00 UTC. (To convert that to your local time, run date -d '16:00 UTC'. You can get the current time in UTC with date -u.)

If a meeting has to be rescheduled, it will be held on the next available Sunday at the same time.

zodbot keeps meeting logs, notes and other information.

It is important for the moderator to be mindful of the time. Ideally the meeting should run for one hour or less. They should never exceed two hours. Some agenda items may have to be dropped to keep the meeting from being too long. The moderator is free to choose at her discretion which ones. Most likely they will be deferred to a future meeting or discussion on the mailing list.

The moderator must allow for a little time at the end to talk about anything not covered in the meeting. Add the “Anything else” topic to discuss these things.

Meeting logs and minutes

All of it is handled by zodbot. Do not forget to add the links after the meeting is over!

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