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   - Change channel topic to have the date of the next meeting.   - Change channel topic to have the date of the next meeting.
-  - Add minutes and log to [[awgit>​meetings]]. Log times should be in UTC. +  - Edit [[awgit>​meetings]] ​repo: 
-  - Edit meeting page on the wiki. +    - Add minutes and log. Log times should be in UTC
-    - Change time to the time meeting ​started at.  +    - Copy fresh [[meetings>​agenda-template.md]] to [[meetings>​agenda.md]]
-    - Add links to the minutes and log with ''​%%[[awgit>meetings/blob/​master/​201y/​201y-mm-ddNOTES.rst|Minutes]]%%''​ and ''​%%[[awgit>meetings/​blob/​master/​201y/201y-mm-ddLOG.txt|Log]]%%''​+  - Edit [[meetings:​start|IRC meetings]] ​on the wiki: 
-    - Replace blurb at top ("​Please add topics you wish to see..."​) with ''​%%{{page>​.:​common:​archive&​nofooter}}%%''​. +    - Update next meeting ​date
-    - Edit "​Proposed agenda"​ to "​Agenda"​. +    - Add previous meeting ​to the list: eg. ''​%%November 11th [[meetings>2017/2017-11-11NOTES.md|Minutes]] [[meetings>2017/2017-11-11LOG.txt|Log]]%%''​. 
-    - Change bracket_new to bracket_old. +  - Post to mailing list: 
-    - If there was no agenda, change the section text to, "There was no agenda for this meeting. Please see the minutes for a summary of what was discussed."​ See [[.:​2014_january|January 2014]] meeting for an example. +    - Links to minutes ​and log of finished meeting.
-  - In the [[meetings:​|meetings start page]]... +
-    - Move the link for the finished meeting to "Past meetings"​. +
-    - Add link to the page of the next meeting. +
-  - Create a page for the next meeting. (Follow the link made in the step above.) +
-  - Post to mailing list. +
-    - Links to notes and log of finished meeting.+
     - Announce the next meeting 1-1.5 weeks ahead.     - Announce the next meeting 1-1.5 weeks ahead.

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