46th IRC Meeting

  • Date: March 12th, 2016, time: 16:16 UTC
  • Location: #archlinux-women on Freenode.net
  • Minutes
  • Log

This page is kept for archival purposes. For information on how meetings are run, for the agenda of the next meeting, or for information on other past meetings, please see this page.

For information on how meetings are run or for information on past meetings, please see this page.


Bracketed nicks in bold are expected to know something about the topic. It is an aid for the moderator.

The wiki is getting hit by a spammer. We currently have a simple CAPTCHA. We are using http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:captcha.


  • C Programming class by halosghost - More feedback on the syllabus as it stands is welcome. https://ptpb.pw/r/~alcclass
  • Git Basics class by polyzen.


  • Renaming of meeting notes files still needs to be done. Any volunteers?
  • Need volunteers to help run meetings. Specifically we need people who can make log files and help draft meeting notes. Everything gets saved in git repositories.

Sharing Resources with other FOSS groups

  • linuxmodder, markdude - fedoa
  • belkinsa - ubuntu

Final comments, questions, etc.

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