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 ====== 44th IRC Meeting ====== ====== 44th IRC Meeting ======
-  * Date: January ​3rd, 2016, time: 16:00 UTC+  * Date: January ​9th, 2016, time: 16:00 UTC
   * Location: ''#​archlinux-women''​ on Freenode.net   * Location: ''#​archlinux-women''​ on Freenode.net
-  * Minutes+  * [[https://​raw.githubusercontent.com/​archwomen/​meeting-notes/​master/​archlinux-women_minutes_20160109.txt|Minutes]]
   * Log   * Log
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   * Coming up on 4 years!   * Coming up on 4 years!
 ==== Topics for discussion ==== ==== Topics for discussion ====
 Server Server
-  * We use Lilac, but it is deprecated. Replace or revive it. https://​archwomen.org/​wiki/​todo:​new_blog_engine+  ​* Blog 
 +    * blog-posts git repository is up and usable. Fork to add a post. https://​github.com/​archwomen/​blog-posts\\ (To deploy, push the repository to the server.) 
 +    ​* We use Lilac, but it is deprecated. Replace or revive it. There are suggestions for replacements on the wiki. https://​archwomen.org/​wiki/​todo:​new_blog_engine
 Projects Projects
-  * <​placeholder>​+  * [[https://​archwomen.org/​wiki/​projects:​wiki_improvements:​start|The Great Wiki Cleanup]] 
 +  * Classroom 
 +    * C class - first 3 sections done, will have total of 6. Should have multiple classes on each section in various time zones. Once the rest of the syllabus is done teachers can work out a schedule.
 Community Community
-  * <​placeholder>​+  * Meetings 
 +    * Proposal to hold meetings on second Saturdays of the month rather than first Sundays. 
 +    * Schedule rename of meeting files 
 +    * Shorten [[https://​ptpb.pw/​WbT1.png|meeting commit messages]] 
 +      * http://​tbaggery.com/​2008/​04/​19/​a-note-about-git-commit-messages.html 
 +  * Proposal to simplify requesting op-attention at IRC 
 +     * Currently it's required to just "​!awops"​ on the channel while it could be desirable to do so in private and avoid getting negative attention. 
 +     * Possible solutions 
 +        * Using phrik !awops & maybe even !ops should be made aliases to "​channel alert" which allows PMing and describing what is the problem (which is not possible with "​!awops"​). 
 +        * Externalizing !ops to #​AntiSpamMeta (antispammeta.net) or it's clone for wider audience ##​suchantispam. It allows calling ops with !ops in channel and /msg antispammeta !ops #channel with optional description,​ but would require requesting it to channel and ops being on the channel and requesting to be highlighted by alerts on #​archlinux-women.
 ==== Final comments, questions, etc. ==== ==== Final comments, questions, etc. ====

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