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 ==== Topics for discussion ==== ==== Topics for discussion ====
-Server +Community 
-  * <​placeholder>+  * In the previous meeting polyzen suggested changing the file names of minutes to something shorter. GitHub is cutting off the names. Caveat: broken links. 
 +    * After the meeting a name scheme was determined (to match the scheme used by logs): yyyy-mm-ddnotes.txt 
 +    * a lighttpd rule to redirect older links to the newer scheme: "​^(/​media/​meeting-notes/​)archlinux-women_minutes_([0-9]{4})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2}).txt"​ ="​$1$2-$3-$4notes.txt"​ 
 +      * it uses perl regex http://​​projects/​1/​wiki/​docs_modredirect
-Projects +Classroom 
-  * <​placeholder>​ +  * [**halosghost**] C programming class 
- +    * progress? 
-Community +    * name? 
-  * <​placeholder>​+  * [**escondida**] Bash scripting and coreutils class 
 +    * progress? 
 +    * name? 
 +  * Classroom license, propose to use GFDL to match Arch Linux Wiki 
 +    * https://​​wiki/​todo:​classroom_license 
 +    * Using the same license as the Arch Linux Wiki will allow information to flow between both projects easily. 
 +    * Classroom cannot maintain tutorials. Either the Arch Linux Wiki can do that or a new wiki can be made for that. Don't duplicate effort. 
 +    * Choosing a license is important and should be done before inviting people to make new classes. 
 +    * Will need records of permission granted from each past teacher: gtmanfred, kaictl, CalimeroTeknik,​ jy2wong, nisstyre, halosghost, and escondida.
 ==== Final comments, questions, etc. ==== ==== Final comments, questions, etc. ====

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