43rd IRC Meeting

  • Date: December 6th, 2015, time: 16:00 UTC
  • Location: #archlinux-women on Freenode.net
  • Minutes
  • Log

Please add topics you wish to see discussed below. This page will remain open for editing until the day of the meeting. If you miss the chance to add a topic below, do not worry; you can bring it up during the meeting.

For information on how meetings are run or for information on past meetings, please see this page.

Proposed Agenda

Bracketed nicks in bold are expected to know something about the topic. It is an aid for the moderator. By no means does this preclude anyone else from speaking on a topic.

Announcements and status updates

  • [fsckd] Set up of the blog posts git repository has been delayed.
  • [fsckd] Tagging items in meeting notes.
    • done ⇒ no further action is needed
    • todo ⇒ add it to a todo page, find volunteers, etc.
    • discuss ⇒ add it to the agenda of the next meeting, post on ml

Topics for discussion


  • In the previous meeting polyzen suggested changing the file names of minutes to something shorter. GitHub is cutting off the names. Caveat: broken links.
    • After the meeting a name scheme was determined (to match the scheme used by logs): yyyy-mm-ddnotes.txt
    • a lighttpd rule to redirect older links to the newer scheme: “^(/media/meeting-notes/)archlinux-women_minutes_([0-9]{4})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2}).txt” ⇒ “$1$2-$3-$4notes.txt”


  • [halosghost] C programming class
    • progress?
    • name?
  • [escondida] Bash scripting and coreutils class
    • progress?
    • name?
  • Classroom license, propose to use GFDL to match Arch Linux Wiki
    • Using the same license as the Arch Linux Wiki will allow information to flow between both projects easily.
    • Classroom cannot maintain tutorials. Either the Arch Linux Wiki can do that or a new wiki can be made for that. Don't duplicate effort.
    • Choosing a license is important and should be done before inviting people to make new classes.
    • Will need records of permission granted from each past teacher: gtmanfred, kaictl, CalimeroTeknik, jy2wong, nisstyre, halosghost, and escondida.

Final comments, questions, etc.

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