19th IRC Meeting

  • Date: September 1st, 2013, time: 16:00 UTC
  • Location: #archlinux-women on Freenode.net
  • Blog Announcement
  • Minutes
  • Log

Please add topics you wish to see discussed below. This page will remain open for editing until the day of the meeting. If you miss the chance to add a topic below, do not worry; you can bring it up during the meeting.

For information on how meetings are run or for information on past meetings, please see this page.

Proposed Agenda

Bracketed nicks in bold are expected to know something about the topic. It is an aid for the moderator. By no means does this preclude anyone else from speaking on a topic.

Announcements and status updates

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Topics for discussion


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  • Classroom
    • [ gtmanfred and kaictl ] PKGBUILD class
    • Suggestion: mini class on using git so more people can add to Archwomen projects.
  • Install Day


  • We need to make some marketing materials, artwork is available at https://archwomen.org/media/images.
  • Suggestion: we need a mission statement, something that has a specific goal we can work toward and is quantifiable.

Final comments, questions, etc.

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