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 +====== SSH keys ======
 +===== Generating a New Key Pair =====
 +The command ''​ssh-keygen -t <​type>''​ creates a new keypair in ''​~/​.ssh'',​
 +  * id_rsa (private)
 +  * id_rsa.pub (public)
 +|-t <​type>​|encryption type, rsa, dsa, etc.|
 +|-b <​bits>​|the bits used for the key, e.g. 4096 for rsa|
 +|-f <​name>​|change the filename and save in cwd|
 +|-C <​comment>​|change the comment, the default is local user@host|
 +See the [[http://​linux.die.net/​man/​1/​ssh-keygen|man page]] for details.
 +===== Gitolite =====
 +Give the public key to an admin to add to gitolite.
 +The admin adds the key to gitolite-admin repo. In the directory ''​keydir''​ save as ''<​user>​.pub''​.

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