Lighttpd Webserver

  • Description: lightweight webserver
  • Package: Extra
  • systemd services: lighttpd.service, lighttpd-unicorn.service
  • Config repo: webserver
  • Config path: /etc/lighttpd/
  • User and group: http:http
  • Path to web pages: /srv/http/
  • Upstream docs:

Configuration and Administration

The systemd service file is lighttpd.service.

The process looks for configs in /etc/lighttpd/. The top level files in that directory are symlinks to files under /var/git/worktrees/webserver.wrk/. It is setup up that way to avoid accidental removal of pacnews.

The config files are kept in webserver.git under the directory lighttpd.

The deploy script restarts lighttpd when the master of webserver.git is pushed.


Lighttpd-unicorn is a second instance of lighttpd for Redmine.

Redmine is accessed through a subdirectory of rather than a subdomain of its own. The URLs need to be rewritten before passing them to unicorn. Lighttpd does not allow rewrite rules to be used under a $HTTP[“url”] conditional. A second instance of lighttpd is required to work around this limitation.

The config file is in webserver.git under the directory lighttpd-unicorn.

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