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awbot is an IRC bot used in Arch Women's channels. There are currently two types used. It is planned to eventually merge them.

Both types are configured through the same file, /etc/awbot.conf. Options can be overridden at the command line.


  • Source repo: awbot
  • AUR package: awbot-git
  • Man page: man awbot
  • Config file: /etc/awbot.conf
  • License: AGPL

The original role of awbot was to announce git pushes and new branches. The git post-receive hook calls the bot to inform the dev channel of activity:

awbot git push $old_commit $new_commit $branch_name

The commit message and name of the user pushing are displayed.


  • Source repo: awbot-logr
  • AUR package: awbot-logr-git
  • Man page: man awlogr
  • systemd service: awlogr@.service
  • Config file: /etc/awbot.conf
  • License: AGPL

awbot-logr logs everything it sees in a channel to systemd-journald. Invoke it with systemctl start awlogr@channel-name.service. (The channel-name cannot have the '#' character. This is a limit in systemd's service files.)

To view the logs, run sudo journalctl -au awlogr@channel-name.

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