IRC moderation tools and notes

Weechat highlights

Set highlights in weechat: /set weechat.look.highlight HIGHLIGHT_LIST

HIGHLIGHT_LIST = retard,autistic,gay,cunt,bitch,*nigger*,*nazi*,cumbucket,whore,slut,dike,lesbo,lesbian,carpetmuncher,cocksucker,fag,jew,hitler,cuck,卐,coon,gook,kike,niglet,raghead,towelhead,pussy,spic,chink,wigger,faggot,nigga,chinamen

Useful capabilities (IRCv3)

The weechat command is: /cap

List of capabilities supported by weechat: /help cap

List of capabilities supported by freenode: /cap ls

In weechat, enable capabilities for all connections to a server (assuming server is named “freenode”):
/set irc.server.freenode.capabilities CAPABILITY_LIST

CAPABILITY_LIST = extended-join,account-notify

extended-joinThe join message shows additional information such as services account name.
account-notifyShow if someone logs into a new account.

Pinging ops

Users can call on ops with the command:

!ops <optional message>

Have to set the ops ping list for the specific channel so that phrik will name the correct ops for that channel.

To configure phrik, you need to have the capability. If you don't already, ask a phrik admin to give you the right capability with the command:

!admin capability add <phrik_account> <channel>,op


!admin capability add fsckdaemon #archlinux-newbie,op

To set the list, use the command:

!config channel <channel> supybot.plugins.OpsPing.opslist <space separated list of ops>

To view the currently configured list, leave out the list of ops.

You can use bracket substitution for appending to the list:

!config channel <channel> supybot.plugins.OpsPing.opslist [config channel <channel> supybot.plugins.OpsPing.opslist] <space separated list of ops to add>

General notes

More detailed notes at:

freenode has an internal help system. In some clients, like weechat, the help command is for the client's help, so have to quote it: /quote help

Quiet user:

  • /mode +q phrik!user@host
  • /mode +q $a:phrik

Kick user: /kick phrik

Ban user:

  • /mode +b phrik!user@host
  • /ban phrik!user@host
  • /mode +b $a:phrik

List users on access list: /msg chanserv access #archlinux-women list

Add new user to access list: /msg chanserv access #archlinux-women add phrik +Aiortv

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