Arch Women has two IRC channels. The channel for the Arch Women project is #archlinux-women on The channel for developers who do coding and systems admin for the project is #archlinux-women-dev. For offtopic discussion please visit #archlinux-offtopic; for support please visit #archlinux or #archlinux-newbie.

For the monthly meetings held in the channel, please see this page.

Channel Rules

Note: If there's an issue which requires the immediate attention of a channel op, type in !ops along with an optional message and the channel bot will ping all of the ops for you.

In this channel, we often talk about the Arch Women project, women in tech, general computing, women's issues, and math. Not necessarily in that order. We also talk about other things. Some of us are feminists. Some of us aren't.

We ask that everyone in the channel:
  • Be polite.
  • Be helpful.
  • Be mindful of differences and assumptions. This is not to say we don't discuss these things. But we ask that you be careful about phrasing. Not all of us will have the same technical knowledge, ethnicity, political leanings, religious beliefs, primary language, gender certainty, class identity, sexual preference, or level of education as you.

Men are welcome to join and participate.

Things that will result in your not being able to stay:
  • If you make us feel bad about being female, being a minority, or being interested in tech.
  • If you make us feel bad about being smart.
  • If you make us feel uneasy or “creeped out”. This is both not quantifiable and not negotiable. It is a judgment call and entirely at the discretion of the Op requesting your exit.
  • Looking for dating advice. This is not a dating service. This is also not a lonely hearts channel. We like sex and relationships fine. But that's not what we're here for.
  • Bullying.
  • Discussion of self harm.

Asking you to leave/muting/banning are entirely at the discretion of the channel Op doing so. Evading a ban or mute (+q) will result in a permanent ban.

Also, Joanna.

If you are feeling depressed and/or suicidal:

Please consider using some of the following resources.

Outside Resources

These are links to resources about using freenode or participating in Arch Linux channels.

IRC Bots

Arch Women has two IRC Bots.

phrik is the bot used in Arch Linux IRC channels and is also in #archlinux-women.

Commands useful in #archlinux-women and their output:

awbot helps channel operators.

Do not add your own private irc bot to the channel without first speaking to one of the channel OPs. Generally other irc bots are not allowed.

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