How to help

There are lots of ways to help Arch Women. You can write for the blog, moderate a meeting, edit the wiki, and much, much more. The fact is, we do need help and no matter how little it is, we appreciate every bit.

This page is the starting point for everyone who wants to assist us. Tasks are placed into categories along a general idea of what kind of work they are. Not everything on our to-do lists are here, but the important stuff we're concerned about are. Feel free to go through them and see if there's one you can help us with. Thanks!

(We use something we call activities to help us manage things we intend to do. Not everything here is part of an activity but many are. Take a look at the activities page if you are curious about Arch Women's intricate plans for world domination. Muahaha!)

When adding tasks below, please provide links which describe them in detail. Ideally there should be clear and detailed instructions on how to complete a task, though this is not always possible. If a link cannot be provided, this is an indicator the documentation is lacking, and that should be fixed first. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

This page is tagged as a stub because it is still under construction. An initial collection of tasks was added below but many still do not have links to more information, particularly how accomplish them. Until such links are provided for every listed task, this page shall be considered a stub. It may be necessary to remove the ones for which links cannot be made.

Tedious tasks

These are tedious things which no one wants to do but have to be done. May be some can be automated, if someone wants to write a script.

Since these are quite taxing to do manually, we have a strategy. The tasks are broken into units (e.g., for updating the wiki, each page to be updated is a unit). You would only need to do one unit. Others would only do one or two units each as well. Over time, everyone's little contribution adds up and the job is eventually finished.

Periodic tasks

Things which need to be done every so often.

    • Help craft the next meeting's agenda.
    • Help run a meeting. (More or less follow the agenda and keep things timely.)
    • Help draft notes during the meeting. Notes are a summary of what was discussed and clearly list actions to be taken. We need about two or three people to work on the notes during a meeting.
    • Commit the notes to the git repo and make a pull request.
    • Commit the meeting logs to the git repo and make a pull request.

Information hunting

There are many things we want to do. Before we can do them, we need information on how.


  • Write a blog post.
  • Help us maintain the wiki. You may either want to follow recent edits or work on pages which interest you.
    • Copy edit pages and check they follow the wiki conventions.
    • Make sure pages are clear and easy to understand. If something doesn't make sense, ask us in IRC or leave a note in the discussion page.
    • Expand stubs.
  • Write class materials for periodic classes.



  • Teach a class.
  • Be a mentor.

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