Conflict Resolution

Arch Women is a diverse community of people with various political beliefs and personal experiences. Inevitably, more diversity means more interpersonal conflicts can occur. Not everyone will agree with one another on every issue. This is natural, and members of the Arch Women community are expected to handle disagreement in a mature and thoughtful manner. Having a diverse range of views is a good thing. It helps you to expand your thoughts and explore things from a different perspective.

When you run into a personal conflict with someone, you should use the following techniques to resolve it.

  • Give people the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone is good at communication in text or in English and there could just be a misunderstanding. Always assume someone has good intentions.
  • Communicate your feelings, needs and expectations clearly, respectfully and without personal attacks.
  • Focus on the problem and not the people involved. Someone can be rude or off putting but still have a legitimate issue.
  • Do not use coercion or intimidation. Do not threaten to harm yourself or others, or make threats to post public “evidence” to try and get your way.
  • Listen to what other people have to say and give them the time to respond without flooding replies.
  • If emotions are high and people are too angry to speak respectfully, take a break and come back to the issues later.
  • Contact a moderator for help.
  • Work together to find a solution. If there was a misunderstanding, apologize. If there is a fundamental difference of opinion you could agree to disagree, or choose to use tools available to you such as /ignore on IRC.

If the community standards have been broken, contact a moderator immediately and disengage from the other person.

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