How meetings are run

IRC meetings are held in the channel on the second Saturday of every month at 16:00 UTC. (To convert that to your local time, run date -d '16:00 UTC'. You can get the current time in UTC with date -u.) If a meeting has to be rescheduled, it will be held on the next available Sunday.

There are a number of things people can help with to run a meeting. The most important are the meeting minutes for which any number of people can help write.

The process in general:

  1. create agenda in weeks before the meeting
  2. meeting starts at 16:00 UTC
  3. share a link to HackMD note where minutes are written
  4. discuss
  5. end meeting
  6. post log and meeting notes to GitHub and site

Also see the after_meeting_checklist.


The moderator runs the meeting and directs the flow of discussion through the agenda items. She says when the meeting starts and when it ends (with demarcating messages like “========== Meeting Has Begun ==========”). FIXME We can use zodbot for this now

It is important for the moderator to be mindful of the time. Ideally the meeting should run for one hour or less. They should never exceed two hours. Some agenda items may have to be dropped to keep the meeting from being too long. The moderator is free to choose at her discretion which ones. Most likely they will be deferred to a future meeting or discussion on the mailing list.

The moderator must allow for a little time at the end to talk about anything not covered in the meeting. Usually the agenda will list it as something like “Anything else”. If it's not there, mentally add it.

Meeting minutes

Any number of people can help write the meeting notes. They are written on HackMD.

When the meeting starts, someone (it could be anyone) should open a new note on HackMD and share the link with the channel.

After the meeting, clean up and polish the minutes. Add them to the Git repository meetings.

Meeting logs

Most IRC clients keep logs. Copy everything from where the moderator begins the meeting and to where she ends it. Optionally clean it up: such as remove join and part messages, replace tabs with spaces, align text for easier reading, but do not change the messages! Add it to the Git repository meetings.

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