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Arch Linux Women is community driven, and without contributions, the project will die. Even small contributions add up to something great, so please get involved where you can. There are a ton of ways that both new and old members can contribute, and you don't have to be a programmer or have large amounts of free time to help.

Tell others about the project

If you know any women who use Linux, or even just might be interested in learning, tell them about our project. Mention us in one of your social media updates or make a blog post about our organization. Print out some of our flyers and post them up around your College CS lab. The first step to getting more people involved with Arch Linux Women, is telling them about Arch Linux Women.

Chat in our IRC channels

Arch Women has two IRC channels on '''''' - '''#archlinux-women''' and '''#archlinux-women-dev'''. Before joining in read the channel rules and community standards. Our main chat is used for networking, learning and discussion. Our developement chat is used for Arch Women project developement, such as the IRC bot, the website, and server tools. You can jump in there to see our git commits and learn how things are done "behind the scenes".

Take part in our monthy meeting


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If you are interested in sponsoring our organization, please send an email to