New Class: A First Look at the Linux Kernel - Saturday, May 31 at 16:00 UTC

jy2wong will be teaching a class called, A First Look at the Linux Kernel. The class will cover the role of kernels in a system, why you might want to consider compiling your own, and tips for not getting lost in the configuration process during your first Linux kernel compile.

Prerequisites: While not necessary, it is useful to be familiar with ABS before taking the class. If you are unfamiliar with PKGBUILDs, logs from past classes make an excellent primer.

The class will be Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 16:00 UTC in the IRC channel #archlinux-classroom on the Freenode network. If there is enough interest, the class may also be held a second time on that day for people from East Asia and Oceania. If you want the class being held again for those timezones, please email us at or stop by our IRC channel and let us know.

About jy2wong in her own words: I'm a university student from Canada, studying/doing research in something involving signal processing (that lies somewhere between math and computers). I've installed Arch Linux on my laptop about 4 times now, and the first 3 times were in my first week of using Arch Linux (that was about 5 years ago). I've been compiling my own kernel for the last 3 or 4 years. I think I'm allergic to cats.

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