June 3rd IRC Meeting Agenda

The June Arch Women meeting is being held at 12 PM US/Central (UTC-5), 20:00 Eastern Europe (UTC+3) June 3rd, on the #archlinux-women IRC channel. We've accomplished a lot since our last meeting. Lets keep the momentum going.

What we've accomplished since the last meeting:

What do we need to get done?

  1. Define Organizational hierarchy and who has access to what (site, twitter, email, news, events, mailinglist, irc, etc) -maybe have a few people mod/admin each item…? I'd like assign official roles/jobs and maybe list members who wish to be listed on the site somewhere. (about page?) - some ideas for official jobs: blog- editors, moderators, posters, social media- twitter account (maybe more? do we need more?) mailing list moderators, IRC OPs, Email responders, website development, calendar admin, and whatever else we think of at the meeting. (We needs some arch women agents!)
  2. Get a plan together for creating a PKGBUILD bootcamp/class - should we use a wiki or some sort of learning software like moodle? Can we get a Timeline together? Should we maybe have someone be in charge of this?
  3. Cross project involvement. Can we possibly work with other linux women's groups on some things? like classes, mentorship, etc?
  4. Site features/requests - mark down plugin instead of current post/message format: http://josephhall.org/b2evo_markdown/.
  5. Get RSS integration so we can have an events feed and news feed in the main site
  6. Write up some CSS for all those websites/projects we have set up (low priority).