First Arch Women IRC Meeting

The very first Arch Women meeting will be held on March 4th @ 12:00 noon US/Central Time, 20:00 GMT+2 Eastern Europe Time.


I've read through a few studies on female attrition rate within FOSS projects. It seems that by the 5 year mark, 60% of women stop contributing to the projects they were involved in. Reasons given were: women felt unrecognized for their contributions, women felt isolated within the group, and women who started to have kids/career responsibilities had less time to contribute and the way many projects are set up means you need larger chunks of time to contribute instead of smaller time chunks.

I would like to try and figure out if this applies to Arch Linux, and if this is so, what sort of changes could be made to make Arch Linux more accessible / appealing to women contributors.

If anyone out there would like to add in something to the agenda, leave a comment on this post, or come join us on March 4th.