Call for talks: Ohio LinuxFest (September 28-30 2012)

There is a call for talks for the Ohio LinuxFest (September 28-30 2012) event being advertised as:

We put a lot of effort into trying to be familly-friendly and trying to be as inclusive as possible. We would love to have more women or minorities, or just as much of a mix of people as we possibly can. … We don't just talk the talk, we do our best to walk the walk on this one.

In the second episode of the “Freedom isn't Free” podcast. Their code of conduct reflects this and I was confirmed by email that they are actively looking for women giving talks on advanced topics this year.

The overall theme of Ohio LinuxFest is not just Linux but “all parts of Free and Open Source projects”. If have something to contribute, I encourage you to apply!

There will also be a “Diversity in Open Source” workshop as part of the event.